Keeping investment options open in the non-QM real estate market

“Joining Facebook pages or LinkedIn, Twitter can lead to different conversations with local investors. Or there are a lot of areas that brokers can research under real estate brokers or real estate investors when targeting a new area,” Zielinski elaborated.

Using all resources, keeping lines of communications open, and being receptive to new potential investment opportunities beyond the local scope work in tandem to achieve the end goal – a nationwide presence and foot in the door of new real estate markets across the country.

Another key to success Zielinski highlighted, is the element of trust.

“Working with people you trust is the most important thing. Working with people that you feel have your best interest at heart. I think that’s what our RCN Capital team really strives to do especially with our business development team,” Zielinski illustrated.

“Any new products that we have that we like to relay to the broker we want them to know we have training programs and live training sessions and seminars that can be listened in on,” Zielinski added.