Malaysia, China foster herbal supply chain through HERBOMICS digital certificates in int'l trade

Following September 29, 2021 dialogue between Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both Malaysia and China, including co-operation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, on December 4 in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang province, Good Health System Ltd. (“GHS”) of Qianhai-Shenzhen and GHHS Healthcare (GHHSH) of Country Heights Holdings Berhad have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the ceremony when both the Ministers of Foreign Affairs have made a joint announcement about bilateral co-operation with renewal of Memorandum on Traditional Medicines by competent authorities.

Under the MOA, GHS will undertake efforts to facilitate the supply of quality herbs for the people in ASEAN countries through its HERBOMICS digital certificates with GHHSH. Meanwhile, both GHS and GHHSH are connected through China Construction Bank Corporation Labuan Branch (CCBL), where CCBL is committed to providing efficient financial solution to support international herbal trade.

Dr. Chiang Chun Yuan, founder of GHS, said, “We are also facilitating direct feedbacks from end-users and this may be adopted to refine new drug formulations or better administrations for the benefit of mankind.”

GHS is a bio-digital technology company specialized in HERBOMICS digital analysis that is based on rating calculations of both dynamic and static biometric matching systems. One of the main services provided to clients would be the authentication of botanical raw material whole-journey up to the hand of the buyers.

GHS has developed a close-loop, safe and convenient digital service platform to add value of entrustability to the global herbal supplies industry. This is done through the introduction of the GHS code, which is compatible to the international systems and standards in the field of health, botanical raw materials and international supply chains.

Herbal medicines remedies are used widely across the globe for many centuries in different cultures. Though the world has not 100% recovered from this pandemic, people and scientists are now more open than before for quality natural remedies such as Herbals for healthcare and also as the directions of research & innovation.  

Through AI and cloud computing, based on networking and digitalisation of bioinformatics of herbs matching with chemical quantitative studies, GHS provides real-time and convenient analysis alongside the long supply chain of raw herbs. GHS services are available via App to enhance the supply of quality products to drug companies, retail chain stores and end users, etc.

In 2020, global herbal medicine market size stood at $150 billion, and is expected to grow to $230 billion by 2027, with Asia-Pacific representing 50% of the market. GHS and GHHSH will establish a working arrangement to promote cross-border herbal trade in the ASEAN region.