Jim Cramer shares his 2022 game plan and best stock ideas with the CNBC Investing Club

CNBC’s Jim Cramer walks the CNBC Investing Club through his top stock picks, interviews Ford CEO Jim Farley and answers subscriber questions.

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Jim Cramer on Thursday shared his 2022 outlook for the market, had an in-depth interview with Ford CEO Jim Farley, broke down some of his Charitable Trust’s holdings and took questions from CNBC Investing Club members.

Here’s a brief recap:

  • Cramer kicked off the special live event “CNBC Investing Club: Jim Cramer’s Game Plan for 2022” by breaking down his outlook on the economy. He said this is the “strongest economy we’ve ever seen” heading into 2022, adding that people are heavily spending money. Cramer described the spending as “Roaring 20s style.”
  • Cramer also said the Federal Reserve has no choice but to raise interest rates next year, but noted that any Fed-related dips will likely by buying opportunities.
  • Heading into the New Year, Cramer thinks investors need to own companies that make stuff and generate profits. “We do not want companies that only grow sales but lose boatloads of money.” He also said investors need to avoid what he called “Silicon Valley gibberish.”
  • In his interview with Ford CEO Jim Farley, Cramer said he was shocked when the automaker reinstated its quarterly dividend earlier this year. “I’m not used to the idea that Ford can get back on its feet that fast,” Cramer said.
  • Farley said the company is seeing strong momentum, adding that it had to halt reservations for the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. “As we go battery electric, we can really reinvent the brand, and we’re doing that with the F-150 Lightning,” Farley said.
  • Cramer then broke down some of his stock picks heading into 2022. He said Eli Lilly is a buy at current levels, while noting that AbbVie remains undervalued even after its recent run. Cramer also endorsed PayPal, saying it can be “really terrific” going forward. As for Disney, Cramer thinks the stock is “overly hated.”
  • Members of the CNBC Investing Club also had some of their questions answered by Cramer.

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