NSE points out these 5 smart practices for investing – Why periodical settlement of account is important? See details here

Those who are interested in making an investment must know that there are certain smart practices of investing. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has recently posted some tips from its official Twitter handle.

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“Before investing, get your basics right. Always keep these points in mind,” the NSE tweet said.

The interested investors must follow these smart practices while investing. These are as follows:

1) The investor must ensure that the person has filled the KYC form with correct details and has struck off the blank details

2) The individual has to register one’s mobile number and email ID with the stock broker in order to receive trade confirmation alerts directly whenever the person trades from NSE

3) The person will also have to ensure that the contract notes are received from the broker whenever the person trades

4) The investor must not share his or her internet trading account’s password with anyone

5) Also, the person must get a clear idea about brokerage and other charges levied by the banker

Furthermore, an investor must ensure periodical settlement of his or her account. The investor must not keep idle funds and securities lying around with the broker, as per the official NSE website.

The investors must know that the deposits kept idle without any trading activity for more than one year, will be treated as ‘Loan’ and no investor protection measure will be available against it.

Furthermore, the investor should examine and review his or her trading account periodically. In this context, the person can choose for a monthly or a quarterly settlement of the accounts.

In case of any queries or details regarding investment, the interested individuals can login to the official website of NSE at nseindia.com.