Gold to reach $2000 Today? Tomorrow? Selling Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 [Video]

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Yesterday we looked at the possibility of Gold reaching $2000 again and price action rose to over $1996.

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Today we see a pullback to the lower trend line and the stochastic oscillator indicating oversold so we may yet see $2000 gold again.

We note the exact opposite situation with the S&P 500 with price action at the upper trend line and the stochastic oscillator indicating overbought.

This is repeated on the NASDAQ as uncertainty enters the markets from all directions.

Price action on the daily chart of WTI is trying to break this upper trend line, the indication of the stochastic oscillator is overbought but, of course, watch the fundamentals on crude as the Ukraine war will have more impact on price.

Incredibly, JPY is even weaker today and many traders are waiting for the moment of reversal.

To be honest, there seems to be nothing in sight as we look at this monthly chart on USDJPY to see prices from more than 20 years ago.