Myrtle Sarrosa talks about investing in video games: 'Passion ko talaga 'yung maglaro ng games'

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As a pro-gamer and cosplayer, Myrtle Sarrosa never made her love for video games a secret.

However, she recently took her passion to the next level and invested in her first video game called MetaGods.

In an interview on “Surprise Guest with Pia Arcangel,” Myrtle opened up about how she got into investing and funding the game.

“Nag-fund ako to a certain game, na coming along its way, na nasa space ng NFTs, so narealize ko rin kasi na ‘yung passion ko talaga aside from being on broadcast media, in entertainment, narealize ko rin talaga na passion ko talaga yung maglaro ng games,” she said.

“That’s why I found most of my time during the pandemic that made me happy, tapos sabi ko, since I was one of the first to realize na you can actually earn money when you play games, nag-invest ako sa iba’t ibang mga games, kung saan pwede ka maglaro at kumita at the same time,” she added.

Myrtle said she partnered with developers around the world to make it happen. The game will be out next month.

“I invested in lands in the game so people from Philippines who want to play the game could use my land, para makapaglaro sila dito sa space na ito,” she said.

She then explained how one can earn money by playing it.

“Ito kasi ‘yung amazing ngayon sa video games e, its connected into a blackchain so medyo crypto-related siya, so every time you play the game, you get to kill the buzzes, nag-da-drop siya ng mga items and those items you could exchange for money,” she added.

“So yun yung ginagawa ko ngayon, super excited ako kasi at least it opens doors and opportunities sa mga Filipinos na to get into playing and earning at the same time,” she added.

In a blog, MetaGods said their NFT land sale is set to raise their game to a “superior level of both active and passive income.”

“LAND will be an important part of MetaGods gameplay. The ecosystem highly benefits LAND owners, providing various passive revenue streams,” they said. —JCB, GMA News