Why the 30s are the right time to invest in life insurance

Why the 30s are the right time to invest in life insurance

When you are in your 20s, life is a rollercoaster. The headiness of launching into a career, becoming financially independent and enjoying life’s pleasures seem paramount. However, as you step into the sober 30s, you know you need to put down roots, have your own family and make sure you are there for them, come rain or shine.

You want to give your family the best of comforts and the assurance that you will be around to fulfil all their dreams and aspirations. In your 30s, you are also on the cusp of beginning to realize your own dreams and to make your mark in the world. The 30s then are a great time to lay the foundation for a great personal and professional life. It’s also the right time to start investing wisely in sound investment plans that ensure those dreams come to fruition without any hiccups!

Now is a good time to take a close look at your finances and go in for a sound life insurance policy. If you begin now, you can be well covered for the times ahead, be it education expenses for your children, their marriages, health of the family elders, or any other financial uncertainty that may crop up.

Convinced much? Here are a few other reasons why life insurance in your 30s is a good idea!

1. You have a family: With the 20s safely tucked away, you are now ready to take on the responsibilities of children and family. You obviously want the best for your children and their dreams are paramount. The best of education, the best holidays, and a well settled future for them are your priorities. A good child plan that allows you to put in regular amounts of money right from the time they are born, and reaps rich dividend when they turn 18 is a great way to ensure you don’t have to worry about funding their higher education.

Clubbed with the benefit of life cover, these plans ensure that you can financially secure your loved ones, even in your absence. This way, you will be assured that your family is taken care of — it will give you enough peace of mind!

2. You want to build financial discipline: While saving for a house, car, and foreign trip in your 30s may seem important, investment also forms a crucial part of your life. It brings about financial discipline, making you put away a part of your income regularly, while ensuring that you are covered for unforeseen times. Some insurance plans secure you for a long time and can assure a regular income to fund expenses, pay for EMIs and plan for retirement.

3. You are in your prime and you have dreams too: This is the time for you to realize your own potential too. While you care for a growing family, you can also spare the time to nurture own hobbies, dabble in the interests that were sidelined earlier and be a super hero to your children! All this is possible if you start allocating funds early in insurance plans that support your dreams, even as they allow you to make provisions for your family’s secure future. Insuring yourself in your 30s will help you reap the benefits of paying lower premium rates, and these will stand you in good stead through the years as the premiums stay constant!

4. You have milestones to cover: We all have life goals that we want to meet! There’s a farmhouse you would like to buy, that cruise you want to take with your family and that big wedding you want your child to have. Dreams like these need the support of sound insurance plans that can assure you of good return after a specified time period.

With a prudent life insurance policy, you will have all the support you need, without compromising on your dreams.

It’s always a good idea to make provision for the future so that your family can continue to lead a comfortable lifestyle, no matter what googlies life throws your way. SBI Life Child Insurance Plans are a great way to make sure you can give wings to your children’s hopes and ambitions, and make all their dreams come true!
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