Should Canada invest in hydrogen? Here are the pros and cons

Episode 163 of Down to Business podcast

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Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz, visited Canada this week to discuss potential hydrogen and liquified natural gas deals.

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Natural gas is a fossil fuel that’s been around forever, but hydrogen is somewhat new and there’s an intense debate about whether it can play any role in an energy transition.

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This week on Down to Business, two chemical engineers, Paul Martin, co-founder of the Hydrogen Science Coalition, and Matthew Klippenstein, regional director for Western Canada’s hydrogen fuel cell association, explain the pros and cons of hydrogen.

Martin thinks the energy losses that result in making hydrogen mean it will be expensive and too inefficient to be a climate solution. However, Klippenstein takes the view that hydrogen has a versatility that may accelerate an energy transition. As always the interviews are edited for clarity and brevity.

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