Here's Why Gold Futures Can Be More Profitable Than Physical Gold

Gold and other precious metals have been top of mind with most investors considering recent events. There are many ways to invest in gold like bars, coins, stocks and even ETFs. But, many investors overlook gold futures contracts.

Here’s why they can be more profitable than investing in physical gold:

  1. Can be traded 23 hrs a day, 6 days a week, giving you more flexibility than traditional markets which are open from 9:30 am – 4 pm EST.
  2. Profit if the price of gold goes up or down!
  3. Greater liquidity. There are thousands of gold futures contracts being traded daily, making it easy to buy and sell them quicker than physical gold.
  4. Buy on margin. Margin can be risky, but if used properly can magnify gains!

Start Investing With Gold Futures Via A Precious Metals IRA In As Little As 15 minutes

All types of investors can benefit from gold exposure. A self directed IRA can facilitate this and can be used to trade gold futures, while retaining key protections and tax benefits. Football legend Joe Montana and former tv personality Bill O’Reilly both have these accounts.

Joe likes Augusta Precious Metals, which makes it easy to set up one of these accounts in just 15 minutes.

Bill recommends American Hartford Gold, which offers a 100% FREE IRA rollover. This offer also includes FREE storage, maintenance and insurance for 3 years.

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