AstraZeneca’s Egypt strategy in line with government efforts to increase investments: Country director

Werdany made his comments during Al-Ahram Establishment’s two-day pharmaceutical conference, whose third edition kicked off on Sunday.

He added that AstraZeneca plans to manufacture 90 percent of its production in Egypt by 2025.

“AstraZeneca is increasing its investments by 50 percent over the upcoming three years with a focus on deepening local pharmaceutical manufacturing and tapping the potential in the Egyptian market, including its assets of infrastructure, human capital and persistent support for the scientific research,” Werdani added.

Werdnai also said that AstraZeneca believes that pharmaceutical companies’ role is not limited only to manufacturing and providing medicine, but they can also play a more comprehensive role.

“At AstraZeneca Egypt, we always extend programmes that aim to support patients, as well as working with all concerned bodies to apply the environmental protection programmes because of its significant importance for public health,” Werdany explained.

He also noted that healthcare sector accounts for four to five percent of the greenhouse emissions globally, which requires an integrated efforts from the sector’s companies to reduce and extend the necessary assistance to the patients.

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