Enertech will invest KRW 35 billion for plant expansion next year

Enertech International will invest KRW 35 billion to expand the secondary battery plant, and its production scale will increase more than triple through the expansion.

<A researcher at Enertech International is examining a battery at the Chungju research center>

Enertech was established in 2001. It manufactures secondary batteries for EVs and energy storage systems (ESS), and its current production scale is 150 MWh. Expanding its plant, Enertech is narrowing down the technological gap with the three major domestic battery companies, and lay the foundation for growth. It will invest KRW 35 billion to expand its production capacity to 500 MWh next year.

<Enertech Narrow Cell Type Battery>

The extended production line produces more than 3 million 60Ah-class battery cells per year. The battery cells are made with a nickel-cobalt-manganese ratio of 8:1:1. They can be applied to both secondary batteries and ESS, and the company is negotiating with customers regards to tests. Enertech expects to secure new customers in Korea and the US through the expansion.

Enertech also invests in building an automated module and pack assembly line. Starting in next May, three automated module assembly lines and one pack assembly line will be operated.
By building an automation line, Enertech plans to advance into the module and pack assembly business for EVs after 2024.

Enertech has developed lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells and hybrid vehicle (HEV) cells for specific purposes. The company has secured customers in the development stage.

<Enertech International>

An official from Enertech said, “The products manufactured in the new module and pack assembly line will be supplied to domestic and foreign auto manufacturers. Through expansion, we will establish a virtuous cycle of plant operation structure centered on cells produced, and continue to make investments.

By Staff Reporter Yoon-sub Song (sys@etnews.com)

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