The proof’s in the economy

In “Don’t fall for the left’s false narratives this election season” (Web. Oct. 27) Scott Walker tells us not to be lured off-message by the Democrats. 

The political left demands proof that the 2020 election was stolen. That it was not, whereas the 2016 election definitely was, they hold to be self-evident truth. In saying so, they sidestep what is foremost on every voter’s mind.

As Walker shows by example, we can turn such bait around. They want proof? Here it is: inflation, ballooning national debt, calculated breakdown of law and order, fuel and baby-formula shortages, a weaponized federal government, third-world corruption and more. It all confirms the 2020 election was a deliberate coup d’etat.

It may not be proof enough for their lawyers, butt when we get sick after eating, to us it confirms that we ate bad food. Accordingly, our message is proof enough for all but a few of what happened in 2020.


Irvington, Virginia

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