Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited New Fund Domiciled in Cayman Islands Demonstrates Positive Performance

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  • The fund has demonstrated a performance of growth over the past five months, with NAV increasing from $102.3 in November 2023 to $114.6 in March 2024.

  • The firm aims to raise $150 million for a strategic real estate expansion which aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the real estate landscape & enhance the firm’s overall stability and growth potential.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – June 7, 2024) – Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited, a leading asset management firm, announced the launch of its newest fund domiciled in the Cayman Islands. This strategic initiative underscores the firm’s dedication to innovation, growth, and providing tailored investment solutions in an ever-evolving global market landscape.

Positive Performance Amidst Market Volatility:

The Hedge & Sachs Fund has showcased positive performance over the past five months, achieving consistent growth in Net Asset Value (NAV) despite volatile global market conditions. From November 2023 to March 2024, the fund’s NAV has steadily increased, reflecting its resilience and effectiveness in navigating challenging market dynamics. Notably, NAV figures have risen from $102.3 in November 2023 to $114.6 in March 2024, highlighting the fund’s robust performance trajectory.

Furthermore, the fund’s Standard Deviation (STD) figures have remained stable throughout this period, with STD figures ranging at or under 22.4% over the past five months.

In response to the growth of the fund and its success, Rachit Pant, CEO & Board Member of Hedge & Sachs, commented, “We are thrilled to see the performance of our fund. This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering value and excellence to our investors. As we continue to navigate the dynamic global market landscape, we remain focused on leveraging our expertise, insights, and innovative strategies to drive sustainable growth and success for our clients.”

Strategic Expansion into Real Estate:

Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited has announced plans to raise $150 million for further diversification into the real estate sector. This strategic expansion initiative aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the real estate market while enhancing the overall stability and growth potential of the firm’s investment portfolio. By leveraging its expertise and insights, Hedge & Sachs seeks to unlock new avenues for value creation and long-term growth for its investors.

Navigating the Evolving Market Landscape:

As Hedge & Sachs continues to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing global market landscape, the firm remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering value and excellence to investors. With a focus on risk management, diversification, and disciplined investment principles, Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges, driving sustainable growth and success for its clients.

“The strategic real estate expansion is an added offering that we aim to incorporate and further diversify our investment portfolio. We have always aimed to go further and beyond for our investors,” added Adil Akhtar, Founder & Group Chairman, Hedge & Sachs.


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About Hedge & Sachs:

Founded in 2021, Hedge & Sachs is an independent asset management firm offering clients personal financial advice and asset management solutions for safe, hassle-free investment across Luxembourg, Cayman Islands and European markets. Hedge & Sachs provides a broad range of Financial Services including Asset Management, Financial Consultancy, and Investment Consultancy.

About Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited:

Hedge & Sachs Investments Limited is a leading asset management firm dedicated to delivering superior returns and value for investors. With a proven track record of excellence and a focus on risk-managed strategies, the firm provides innovative investment solutions tailored to meet the unique financial goals and objectives of its clients. Through a combination of expertise, insight, and dedication, Hedge & Sachs strives to deliver exceptional results and build enduring partnerships with its investors.

Website: https://hedgeandsachs.com/

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