Invest Like the Elite: One Investment They All Hoard

The ultra-rich often have their own investment strategies and preferences that differ from those of everyday investors. This is often because they are only feasible or profitable at an exorbitant scale. However, this isn’t always the case. There is one investment that almost all of them share that is also extremely accessible to nearly every kind of investor: gold and other precious metals. 

John Paulson, a hedge fund manager and billionaire with a whopping $3 billion net worth, is well known for his bullish stance on gold. He’s proven himself as a brilliant investor over and over again. His first life-changing investment was betting against the housing market in 2008 before it collapsed. Since then he has held an incredible sum of Gold and is constantly spouting its superiority to cash and other investments. Another famous investor and former hedge fund manager, Stanley Druckenmiller, has backed this up and said that gold is his largest currency allocation too. 

Ray Dalio seems to be just as bullish on gold and precious metals. The famous founder of Bridgewater Associates is one of the world’s most prominent investors and is often considered the most successful investor on the largest scale. In his book “Principles,” Dalio states that gold is a great hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

Janet Yellen, the former Federal Reserve Chair, has also voiced her support for gold, stating that it can be a useful diversification tool for investors. And it’s not just the American elite who are bullish on gold… George Soros, the famous investor who shows up in more conspiracy theories than the CIA, also likes investing in gold to diversify his absurdly large portfolio.

Should You Invest in Gold and Precious Metals?

So some of the most successful investors ever think that investing in gold is smart but is that a good enough reason to invest in gold yourself? Maybe it should but it isn’t the only reason to start buying gold. Fears of a recession make safe haven assets like gold extremely tempting all while gold demand is rising ridiculously fast (from $4,012 metric tons in 2021 to 4,740 in 2022). 

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